Feminine Hygiene Hacks At Work

Feminine hygiene is important and must be maintained both at home and at work. Feminine Hygiene Hacks are intended to make life as a woman simpler. It is normal for busy ladies like you to overlook the most basic decisions and maintain certain practices that can create havoc in your feminine area. 

Statistics reveal that Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are the most prevalent bacterial infection in the world, accounting for over 25% of all infections in women and resulting in 250 million infections each year, the majority of which are caused by using dirty public toilets at the workplace.

Here you will understand about feminine hygiene hacks to follow at your workplace.

  • Keep your vagina dry and clean: If you have to be at work for 7 to 8 hours, you must ensure the hygiene of your vagina. Select cotton fabric for underwear as it can absorb moisture and keeps your skin clean and dry. 
  • Use fresh water: Clean water is always available in washrooms, and to avoid bacterial infection, make it a practice to wash your vagina with mild soap and water at regular intervals.
  • Use Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray: Using Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray can lower the incidence of UTIs and bathroom-borne infections. This feminine hygiene hack disinfects the toilet seat while infusing the bathroom with a pleasant smell.

How to avoid excess sweating in the workplace?

  • Shower: Take regular baths to avoid sweat at your workplace. Don't forget to dry your genital area, hair, and underarms properly.
  • Correct Products: To reduce excessive sweating in your sensitive areas, you may use "Sweat pads." 
  • Trim pubic hair: Try trimming pubic hair to keep it clean before going to the workplace since this is important for improved air circulation and preventing rashes.

Summing Up!

You may be busy at your workplace, but you should still be able to take care of yourself. Try these feminine hygiene hacks, and you'll enjoy being a woman more daily.