Effective Ways To Relieve Sore Muscles & Joint Pain

Due to an influx of information on exercising and well-being on the internet, human beings are becoming more and more health conscious. 

Some of us work out in the gym while others cycle in their local streets or attend yoga sessions. The more adventurous ones go on weekend hikes in the mountains. 

While every form of physical workout is exceedingly beneficial, you shouldn’t push yourself beyond a certain point. Why? That’s because all that extra exercise might cause sore muscles and leave you with joint pain. 

However, there are various ways to relieve sore muscles and joint pain today. This blog will cover efficient techniques for the same and much more. 

Muscle Pain & Its Causes 

Muscle pain or soreness is a sign of an injury, disease, or infection in most cases. People with muscle pain may feel random sharp pains or a deep, steady ache. Everyone experiences muscle pains differently. While some feel it in specific areas, others experience it throughout their body. 

People of all genders and ages get muscle pain. Here are the most common causes of your muscle or joint pain. 

  • You did unusual exercises or experimented with a workout regime that lengthened your muscles instead of shortening them. These include extending your arm during a bicep curl or walking downhill. 
  • You did an exercise you rarely do, like running a marathon. 
  • You spiked your exercise intensity level instead of escalating it. 

The good news is that you can use various techniques to relieve muscle and joint pain. Let’s get into them. 

Effective Ways To Relieve Sore Muscles and Joint Pain 

1. Going For a Massage 

A good massage will allow your sore muscles to relax while soothing joint aches. 

2. Experiment with Light Exercises 

You must have heard of the saying ‘Only iron cuts iron.’ And it aptly applies to muscle and joint pains. So, try experimenting with light exercises, as it’d allow you to speed up the elimination of lactic acid buildup. As a result, you’ll recover quickly. 

3. Warm Bath Does Wonders 

Taking a warm bath helps boost blood circulation and loosens up your muscles.  And If you add bath salt like Epsom Salt, then it will relieve your tensed muscles and calm your mind. 

4. Using Ayurvedic Oils & Healing Herbs 

Ayurvedic oils like Nirgundi oil, Panch Gun Oil, Peedashamak oil, Maha Mash oil, Malkagani oil, Maha Narayan oil, and Maha Vishagrabha oils help ease any pain and stiffness in your body. It’s beneficial to combine these oils for maximum effect. You can use Abhyanga oil, a pain killer oil combining these oils. 

Plus, you can combine these oils with Swedana Potli — a warm compress and pain relief roll on with natural herbs like — Laung, Neem, Haldi, Kala til, Suranjan Meetha, Nilgiri Patta, Asli Beej, and Nirgundi, among others. 

You can effortlessly relax your muscles, improve circulation, and allow the skin to expel toxins by pairing these ayurvedic oils and healing herbs together. 


Muscle soreness and joint pains are incredibly regular. Almost all of us experience them now and then. Techniques like warm baths, light exercises, and massages can be super effective for temporary relief. For long-term relief, use a combination of pain killer oil and pain relief roll on with ayurvedic healing properties.