Period Pains ? An electric Heating Pad might help

Do you detest the mornings when you have to summon all your willpower to climb out of bed and perform your daily tasks? One of the most frequently reported experiences is menstrual pain, but many women believe there's nothing they can do when it occurs each month.

You might grab the ibuprofen and wish for the best when menstruation cramps start. But an electric heating pad might also provide natural pain relief while promoting relaxation. 

Why do period cramps occur? 

More than 84 percent of women say they have period pains. It's not enjoyable, and you're not the only one who has to deal with it.

Dysmenorrhea is the medical word for menstruation pain, and there are two different forms of dysmenorrhea.

First-stage dysmenorrhea

The majority of women describe this as their period cramps. Every period brings back this ache to derail your objectives once more.

Secondary Dysmenorrhea

Menstrual discomfort associated with a different ailment or condition is what this is 

Menstrual cramp signs and symptoms

One of the most typical reasons for pelvic pain in women is menstrual cramps. Usual period cramps, also known as primary dysmenorrhea, frequently begin one to two days before your period. The soreness may persist for one to three days for many women.

You might experience that ache in your back, legs, and hips in addition to your abdomen. Period cramps are frequently accompanied by the following symptoms, along with the familiar tightness and pain.

  • Being worn out.
  • Stomach pressure
  • Vomiting and nauseous.
  • Headaches.

Cramping and prostaglandin 

Then what triggers those annoying and excruciating menstrual cramps? The culprit is a substance called prostaglandin, which, although not a hormone, exerts effects on your body like hormones. Your body creates prostaglandins during your menstrual period when endometrial cells are destroyed—the uterus contracts as one of the prostaglandin's acute effects. During your period, when your body creates more prostaglandin and your uterine tightens more than usual, this inhibits air passage to your tissues and results in cramps. 

Who Suffers from Period Pain? 

10% of women feel menstrual pain so intense that going about their normal daily activities is difficult or impossible. Period pain is frequently worse in women under the age of 20, and once a woman gives birth for the first time, it usually becomes milder or stops. 

The Science of Heating Pads for Cramps 

Tight muscles and inadequate circulation, which limit oxygen flow, are the causes of cramps. An electric heating pad aids in promoting blood flow, improving circulation, and supplying your abdominal muscles with the oxygen they so desperately require. Heating pad are a natural pain reliever that assists in muscular relaxation. And you can use heating pads at home anytime as natural pain relief, making them a very convenient kind of heat therapy. 

According to scientific studies, heat therapy may effectively reduce period pain. According to Scientific Reports, administering local warmth with heating pads, warm compresses, and hot water bottles helps unwind stiff cramped muscles. According to research, applying heat to relieve period cramps may also improve blood flow, which can lessen the inflammation that causes the pain. As per a study posted in Scientific Reports, heat therapy works better than analgesic medications to relieve period cramps. 

Choosing a Heating Pad for Cramps: What to Look for 

Heat therapy can be the answer when you only want quick natural pain relief and a reprieve from those uncomfortable cramps. Heating pad for pains are a simple, fast, and practical approach to getting period pain under control and support you as you go through your regular activities.  

Pads for electric heating 

Women frequently favor electric heating pads with programmable temperature settings. These padding come in various sizes, some of which are big enough to encircle your upper body completely. Find an electric heating pad with an automated shut-off feature so you can unwind and forget it's even there until it turns off on its own after the predetermined amount of time.

Consider using a heated massage pillow for even more significant stress reduction and relaxation. The same advantages of heat therapy will be provided by a massage cushion or pad, which will also provide you with a relaxing massage utilizing either vibrations or squeezing massaging nodes.

Patches and portable heating pads

Applying targeted heat for extended periods to a particular region is possible with heating patches. Heating pad are lovely for relief in circumstances when you'd wish to keep things secret because they may be used under clothing. You can choose one that is cozy and allows you to move around comfortably, so you haven't confined to the sofa, thanks to the variety of shapes and styles.

Other portable heating pads, on the other hand, operate on battery power and don't require an outlet to give customizable heating. Even microwaveable heating pads are available for quick comfort and long-lasting relief, allowing you to sit or lie with them.

How to Treat Cramps with a Heating Pad

Finding a comfortable place to relax while using an electric heating pad for cramps is as easy as warming the bottle or switching on the electric heated pad. When period cramps strike, try placing it against your rear on the sofa for a few moments or wearing a patch all day at work.

You might feel better than you anticipated since it works as natural pain relief. It would help to determine where the heating pad is most comfortable for you in your home. While some women like to lay on their stomachs with a heating pad on their back, others prefer to do so with the pad placed under their lower back. The heating pad can be placed against your back as you sit on the couch with your back supported by a pillow.

When utilizing heating pad, whether electric or regular, set the timer for twenty minutes, turn on your great tunes, binge-watch your favorite show, and relax. Using a heating pad, patches, or pillow may relieve those days of the month you never thought you'd get through.

Useful Accessories for Heating Pads 

Menstrual cramps might be somewhat relieved by heating pads on their own. However, you can also use these suggestions to feel better all around. Per Obstetrics and Gynecology, consuming an NSAID, like ibuprofen, can be pretty efficient at lowering your body's synthesis of prostaglandins and easing period pains. 

  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Massage the area that is hurt.
  • Breathe deeply by practicing.
  • Exercise regularly, whether it's running or yoga.


Heat therapy is a common remedy for several aches and pains, and it can also be effective for treating menstruation discomfort. Find an electric heating pad with all the characteristics you require, and if you want to go all out, indulge yourself with a heating pad, a natural pain relief that doubles as a massage cushion.