What causes Migraine in females ?

Remember that feeling of nausea, light sensitivity, or a throbbing head? We’ve all had that at one point or the other. In most cases, these are the symptoms of a migraine headache. 

But what exactly is a migraine headache? And why does it occur? Let’s understand. 

What is a Migraine Headache? 

Simply put, a migraine headache is usually a throbbing pain. It can occur on one or both sides of your head. This medical condition often comes with vomiting, nausea, and excessive sensitivity to light. 

While some women have a migraine headache for a few hours, it lasts for days in others. In most cases, the pain from a migraine headache is severe and interferes with your daily activities. 

If you’re wondering what migraine in Hindi translates to, migraine Hindi means ‘Gambhir Sardard’. 

Are you wondering what causes migraine in females? Read on to know. 

Causes of Migraine Headache 

In general, women are more prone to migraines than men. The reason for that is hormones. 

Changes in estrogen levels trigger protective responses from the brain, resulting in a migraine headache. 

That said, there isn’t a definitive cause for a migraine headache. As per researchers, the condition results from abnormal brain activity that affects nerve signaling and blood vessels in the brain. 

Here are some other migraine triggers that can cause migraine headaches in women. 

  • Severe heat
  • Dehydration 
  • Bright lights 
  • Unhealthy sleep patterns 
  • Excessive alcohol use 
  • Stress 
  • Intense workout session 
  • Use of medications like oral contraceptives 
  • Food items that contain MSG (monosodium glutamate)

All the triggers mentioned above can vary from woman to woman. Moreover, they don’t always lead to a migraine headache. Generally, a migraine headache results from a combination of these triggers. 

Managing a Migraine Headache

Women who get migraine must manage their hormones. In most cases, that’s the reason for the severe pain arising from a migraine. 

Following a fibre-rich diet, losing excess body fat, limiting alcohol & processed food, and watching your gut health can help you naturally balance your estrogen levels. In addition, OTC medicines like aspirin and essential oil remedies can also help. 

Women who experience migraine headaches get requested by their doctors to keep a journal. In such journals, individuals must write down information about their food intake, medications, and physical activity level. 


A migraine headache requires immediate attention and care. If left untreated, a migraine headache could get severe. That’s why it’s beneficial to consult a doctor beforehand. This condition is usually a combination of the triggers mentioned above. If you have any of these symptoms, precaution is vital.