How to insert a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a soft, reusable small bell-shaped cup that sits in your vagina to collect menstrual fluid during periods. A menstrual cup is safe, comfortable, hygienic, and can be worn for 8 to 12 hours, depending on your flow. It is made of medical-grade silicone, and you can use a single cup for about ten years when maintained properly. Hence, you can save the cost of about 2,500 sanitary pads with only one menstrual cup.

You can wear a menstrual cup comfortably during the day while working out and when you sleep. Most women are confused or skeptical about how to insert a menstrual cup. However, it is quite easy to learn, and you can follow the following steps.

How to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

Using a menstruation cup for the first few times may feel like a daunting task, but you will gradually learn how to use it effectively and with ease. Here is a quick guide to help you learn “How to insert a menstrual cup?” correctly:

  • Before you start, remember to wash your hands using mild soap and water.
  • You need to get into a comfortable position to let your muscles relax. You can sit, squat, lie down on your back or stand with one leg on a chair. Get into a position that works best for you. 
  • Fold your menstruation cup and hold it. There are many different techniques of folding the cup, such as C-fold, seven-fold, triangle, diamond, punch down, etc. 
  1. C-Fold: Pinch the sides of the rim and flatten it. Now fold the cup in half to form a C or U-shape.
  2. Punch-down Fold: Hold the cup by its base in one hand. Place the index finger of your other hand on the rim. Push the rim down into the base of the cup. Push the sides together to create a punch-down fold.
  3. 7-Fold or Triangle Fold: Hold the cup with both hands and push the sides together to flatten. Fold one corner of the cup toward the stem. For the triangle fold, bend the corner farther.
  4. Diamond Fold: Push the sides of the cup together to flatten it and then pull the rim outside. Now pull both the sides inward until they touch to form a diamond.
  • Insert the folded cup rim first using your index finger and thumb. Try to keep the cup in the folded position as you insert it. 
  • Once the cup (and its stem) is inside, remove your fingers. The cup must be kept lower in your vaginal canal. You can wet the cup with water or any water-based lubricant to make the insertion easier. 
  • Once it is placed correctly, it will open up inside you and create a suction seal between the cup and the sides of the vagina. To make sure it is placed correctly, you can gently pull the stem, and if you feel resistance, it means the seal has been created and the cup is placed correctly.

    Putting on a menstrual cup is easy, and you only need a little practice. However, you should not expect to do it perfectly on the first attempt. Usually, it takes 2-3 menstrual cycles before you finally master how to insert a menstrual cup.

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