How to Use Menstrual Cup : Method of Removal

Menstruation cups are a great alternative to pads, and they may seem easy to use when you hear about them or read online. But using it for the first time may seem very hard, especially when you don’t know how to remove a menstrual cup.

    You can keep it inside for 8 to 12 hours, after the cup is inserted properly, depending on your flow. You can empty the cup more often in the beginning to understand your flow and the cup’s capacity.

    How to Remove the cup?

    • Start the removing process by washing your hands.
    • Get into a comfortable position that works best for you.
    • Slightly pull the stem until you can reach the cup’s base. Use your thumb and finger to gently pinch or squeeze the base, this will remove the suction, and the cup rim will detach from the vaginal walls. Do not remove the cup by pulling it from its stem as this can get uncomfortable and messy.
    • Once the cup is removed, empty it in the toilet and rinse the cup with water.
    • Disinfect the cup by boiling it in a pot with water for 3-5 minutes and store it to use for the next time.