How Do Underarm Sweat Pads Work

Underarm sweat pads have taken the world by storm. They are ultra-thin patches that stick to your skin or clothes and do their magic! The best thing about them is that they are incredibly breathable and suited to all outfit types. 

But how do underarm sweat pads work exactly? This blog will cover that and more. Let’s dive in!

How Underarm Sweat Pads Work 

Underarm sweat pads come in sealed packs and remain in place for quick absorption. Each pad is usually made from 100% cotton, a breathable and absorbent material that helps absorb perspiration. As a result, sweat doesn’t soak through, keeping the underarm area dry. 

Every underarm sweat pad has two vital layers. These include a sweat-proof outer shell and an absorbent inner lining. The latter wicks moisture away from your underarms while the former keeps the sweat from dripping or falling. However, these aren’t the only layers. 

All underarm sweat pads contain various super absorbent layers between these two layers, along with a final release sheet at the back. All in all, the layers absorb the sweat and prevent it from touching the outer surface.

In order to wear them, all an individual has to do, is remove the outer layer (paper adhesive backing) from the pad and attach it to the inside armpit area of their garment. Afterward, they can peel off the padding from the garment after being back indoors. 

To Sum It Up..

Underarm sweat pads contain various sweat-absorbing layers that prevent the moisture from touching the surface. They are an effective, inexpensive solution to uninvited sweat. So, if you’re not using these sweat solutions, maybe it’s time you start doing it already. They’re worth it!