Our Social Fabric

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Through our customers, we are conscious that we find ourselves in a privileged position to be able to give back to society. 

The impact of the pandemic has been severe in marginalized sections. For instance, Women in villages have to travel to the nearby towns to purchase sanitary products. After COVID, movement outside the village become restricted. Also, financial stress due to lockdown meant that many families are deprioritizing sanitary napkins in comparison to other essentials such as food.

At Medo Specia- we partner with philanthropic organizations to work with marginalised communities who, within the complex socio-political climate, are vulnerable to exploitation.


Giving Back 

Specifically in the Last Quarter, we partnered with Give India Foundation to facilitate distribution of sanitary napkins to 509 Adolescent girls and women in the district of Bharuch in Gujarat; and educated them about menstrual hygiene and health.




Through your support and blessings, we remain eager to do more !